Reviews of Awaken


Risa Kaparo’s Awaken is luminescent, ground breaking and courageous.  It speaks straight to the heart and creates an access to what matters most deeply.  Simultaneously gentle, powerful and transformative, it is recommended for everyone.  Don’t miss it.


-- Kelly Fidei



On the surface, Risa Kaparo’s poems are a glistening pool rich with inviting images; at their depth beckoning us into territories that hold the range of human emotions in subtle play of shadow and light.  This poetry is my favorite sort: honest, familiar, challenging in its complexity. After reading each offering, I find myself with eyes closed, savoring the experience and drifting into its depths.


Risa Kaparo reminds us that we are horizontal water, living creatures carrying the elements of the earth within us. Kaparo's poems touch that soft place in which we are at once vulnerable and most ourselves. I know that the words are hers, yet it feels as if the images are drawn from my own half-remembered dreams.


The best poetry reminds us of who we are. The fewest words evoking the greatest sensation. From the inside out these poems weave us together in our felt experience. They evoke a sense of how we are woven together by strands of shared emotions; similarities lost on the surface, yet available just below.


-- Nancy Margulies, author of Mapping Inner Space



Risa Kaparo’s poetry takes you into a world that is raw, brilliant and unnerving. Her writing has a stark and tender beauty as she touches our deepest familial chords with an honesty and intimacy that is unblinking.  This is a revealing and powerful story of a modern woman, finding herself through courageously facing the emotional and physical challenges of living.


-- David Surrenda, Founder and former Dean, John F. Kennedy University Graduate School of Holistic Studies, co-author of Retooling on the Run: Real Change for Leaders with No Time



Embrace will sensually re-craft your relationship to knowing.


-- Dawna Markova, author of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life


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