THE GIFT: Making the Invisible Visible with Risa Kaparo & David Ellzey

Friday, November 1st (8-9:30PM)         YogaKula @ Berkeley CA         For information and registration, click here


When we receive what “is” with love and laughter ~ the beauty inherent in this very moment reveals itself and we are renewed. The Gift gloriously fills empty space with powerful words, poetry, mime, storytelling, and side-splitting laughter.


This show sends you home with a renewed sense of the magic and mystery of life. Combined, David and Risa have performed on five continents for over a quarter of a million people.



Embodied Awakening: Enhancing Health, Happiness & Ecstatic Presence with Risa Kaparo & David Ellzey

Saturday & Sunday, November 2nd-3rd (1 - 5:30PM)         YogaKula @ Berkeley CA         Registration available soon


This two-day workshop will gently yet powerfully reveal the pure integration of body and spirit. You’ll learn how to live in a way that is deeply healing, nourishing, and renewing on all levels of existence. Through Somatic Meditationssm, awakened, Luscious Movementsm, self-inquiry, Co-Presencingsm and deep laughter, you’ll directly experience the final source of your health and happiness.


Through archetypal exploration of our individual lives as a mythic journey, you’ll awaken to a sense of your own life as the infinite cosmos unfolding in every waking moment.



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The Art of Awakening


An evolution of the personal narrative- through poetry, movement, music…extending our presence dimensionally, into a full embodiment of our deepest personal knowing and our connection with all that is.


We will generate new work through a series of somatic mediations that bring forth an honest, vulnerable  and resonant voice.  We will take that black and white narrative and give dimension and color to it – through experiments in music, movement and the quintessential instrument of  the human voice.  This is an ideal opportunity for every writer- to enjoy developing, reading and performing their work.


Please contact 510-232-2357 or email if you are interested in scheduling Risa to give a workshop to your group.

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